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    Boiler Quotes

    Boiler Replacement 

    By updating to a modern condensing boiler using Boiler Prices you will be cutting your fuel bills hugely, as well as reducing your carbon footprint.  Your brand new boiler will immediately increase your home comforts by making it feel cosier through giving greater warmth via increased efficiency, in addition to providing greater peace of mind through upgraded safety levels.

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    Why Replace Your Boiler

    Boiler Quotes

    Replacing Your Boiler

    Using Boiler Prices to change your existing boiler to a completely new one will provide you with a host of advantages, from huge cost savings to contributing towards a more eco-friendly planet. A boiler can contribute up to 60% of a household’s energy bills and because of this a brand new super-efficient condensing boiler can often mean a saving as high as £300 annually.

    Your Existing Boiler

    With older boilers gases invariably leak from the flue, however with a new condensing boiler, which all boilers need to be legally, these escaping gases are reclaimed and used to warm water coming back from your heating system. By operating in this way and utilising its increased heat exchanger condensing boilers will generally have an efficiency rating nearly 30% greater than that of a non-condensing version.

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